Frequently Asked Questions

Why get tutoring help?

Three possible reasons (gleaned from personal and others' experiences) you may want to schedule personalized tutoring:

  1. You need personalized professional help that considers your unique needs/pace. We get it. You need to pass that statistics test or nail that term paper. You need to better your grade in a course. You want to graduate. You want to nail that college entrance exam or interview. You want to get that publication out. You want to start or finalize your statistical analysis (and understand what it means!). That's why we are here. And you know what? Putting in the work + accountability almost always equals faster progress with deeper quality.

  2. You need an objective and/or outside/confidential point of view. Sometimes you may just want an objective or different point of view that is confidential. This can include your talking through questions about writing productivity, career or interview processes and goals, statistical processes, or other. This can also include the advantages (and sometimes requirements) of hiring an outside evaluator for your project.

  3. Your teachers or professors are not available to tutor you. If you have teachers or professors willing to tutor you one-on-one with consistency, then great! If, on the other hand, you do not, then we are here for you.

How does tutoring work with Real Academics?

  1. First, request the free tutoring session by clicking on the "schedule request" button on the home page (also on other pages). You will receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours with a link to find a time that works for you (and us!).

  2. During the first session, you and your assigned tutor will discuss your situation and decide whether you are a good fit for each other. If not, we can help recommend others who may be a good fit for you outside of Real Academics.

  3. After the first session, you decide whether you want to schedule a subsequent paid session or not. There is no obligation. We want to make sure this processes feels beneficial to you. Note: You can schedule as many or as few subsequent sessions as you need given consultant availability and agreement.

How much does tutoring cost with Real Academics?

Our goal is to meet your individualized tutoring needs. Please contact us to set up a free 20-minute consultation to discuss scope and pricing should you decide to move forward with us.

How do I pay for tutoring services?

Should you decide to schedule tutoring sessions after the first session, we'll email you with details on how to pay and a contractual agreement for you to sign (Don't worry...it's to protect YOU and us).

What if I want/need evaluation services for my grant or project?

Our goal is to meet your individualized evaluation needs. Please contact us to set up a free 20-minute consultation to discuss scope and pricing for your evaluation project needs.

My field is not social science, what can I get out of tutoring sessions with Real Academics?

We are trained as social scientists, but we have worked with students and colleagues in all academic fields including business, engineering, health, the humanities, and science.
The reasons this works is two fold:

  1. First, we focus on writing and research/analysis process. These processes are fairly universal in all fields (though we are knowledgable of and open to learning more about field-specific nuances).

  2. Second, perspective from someone outside your own field is highly beneficial for refining thinking and clarity of communication.

How can I contact Real Academics?

We love hearing from you! Check our our contact page here: CONTACT.