Who We Are

We are real academics: life-long learners, thinkers, and doers who believe in constant growth and in the search for truth.

Our passion and expertise is helping others productively and joyfully achieve their real academic goals.


Our goal includes providing ideas, tools, and resources to help as many people as possible manage their life and work as productively and joyfully as possible.

We strive to produce excellent resources, services, and experiences for individuals so they are able to thrive and reach their full potential in their pursuits.

Meet the Tutors/Experts

Dr. Tiberio GarzaStatistics Tutor and Evaluation Expert


I have worked with Dr. Garza for almost five years. We began collaborating on research projects because I needed someone with a strong quantitative background and I have been amazed at how knowledgeable, efficient, and timely he has been. I always recommend him to colleagues as a great partner on research, and as an incredible external evaluator on grants.

-- Dr. Mcnaughtan, TexasTech University


I work at a major research university where I have directed several large, funded programs. I highly recommend Tiberio as an evaluator. His work is professional and detailed and often performed under very short deadlines. He is courteous in all interactions and prompt in his responses. I am very grateful for the outstanding contributions he has made to our projects. Give him a call and you will be equally satisfied!

-- Anonymous


I highly recommend Dr. Tiberio Garza for any work related to statistical analysis, initial set up, etc. I am so pleased with the work of Dr. Garza as our grant evaluator. His calm demeanor puts everyone at ease when discussing research data, procedures, and reports. He has a way of presenting data, analyzing it, and writing the statistical reports in a straightforward manner for all to understand. He is professional in every aspect of his role as an evaluator, as well dependable. He always responds promptly to all my inquiries, questions and required data. Dr. Garza is always available to meet with me and my team, as well as with district personnel. I highly recommend him for all services. We are so fortunate to have him as our grant evaluator.

-- Dr. Robles-Goodwin, Texas Wesleyan University

Known for

  • Deep statistical and evaluation knowledge and expertise

  • Patience and care for student success

  • Breaking things down into understandable steps

  • Asking thoughtful questions

  • Providing insightful ideas

  • Innovation

  • Working on diverse/international teams and with diverse/international students

Education and Training


  • Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

  • Associate Director, UNLV Center for Evaluation, Research, and Assessment

  • Regional Evaluator, Brazos Valley Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse (BVCASA)

Dr. Garza has helped dozens of students and colleagues navigate statistical analysis for their projects as well as coached them through their career and writing processes. He has more than 100 publications and presentations related to culturally and linguistically diverse individuals in the K-20 span of learning.

As an evaluator, he has has worked on many successful federally-funded grant project teams to achieve their individualized evaluation needs. Grant funders include the National Science Foundation, the Institute for Education Sciences, and the Nevada Department of Education.

Personal. Dr. Tiberio Garza lives in Nevada with his wife, Dr. Margarita Huerta, their rescue dog, Rocky, and enjoys eating new foods, hiking, and spending time learning about the latest statistical and evaluation techniques.

Dr. Margarita HuertaWriting Tutor and Learning Expert


Dr. Huerta helped me refine and enhance my academic writing and presentation skills. She provided support that helped me thrive not just as a doctoral student, but also as new higher education faculty. Her suggestions, tips, and tricks have allowed me to improve my time management, organization, and purpose when writing academic papers and presentations. I highly recommend her services.

-- Dr. Feeney, Ohio University


I worked with Dr. Huerta throughout my dissertation writing process. In addition to receiving valuable feedback and expert guidance from her, she is very encouraging, supportive, knowledgeable professional, and a great person to work with. It was a blessing to work with her and she did an outstanding job helping me with the entire dissertation process all the way through to my defense. I greatly appreciate her sharing her expertise, wisdom and holding me accountable. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Huerta.

-- Dr. Turgut, University of South Carolina Upstate


Dr. Huerta has an incredible record of meaningful scholarships, grants, and community service. We connected a few years ago and her perspective on how to make real change through engaged scholarship was very helpful. I can’t wait to work with her again!

-- Dr. Mcnaughtan, TexasTech University

Known for

  • Expertise in academic writing and the writing process

  • Passion for writing and helping others thrive in their goals

  • Motivational and encouraging teaching

  • Breaking things down into manageable steps

  • Goal planning for next steps

  • Desire for student success and life-long learning

  • Working with non-native English speakers and international students

Education and Training


  • Writing Tutor, Abilene Christian University Dallas Online Writing Center

  • Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

  • Bilingual Teacher, Round Rock Independent School District

Dr. Huerta loves to write and to help others with their writing. She has more than 100 publications and presentations focused on culturally and linguistically diverse students' education and learning processes. She has successfully helped hundreds of individuals with their academic writing (spanning elementary - university level), presented dozens of academic writing workshops for university students and faculty, and received numerous teaching awards.

Personal. Dr. Margarita Huerta lives in Nevada with her husband, Dr. Tiberio Garza, and their rescue dog, Rocky, where she enjoys cooking, hiking, and learning more about ways to help others achieve their writing, research, and career goals.

Meet the Support Team

Rebekah HuertaGraphic Designer and Social Media Expert


Rebekah received her Bachelors of Science in Visualization from the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University, with a focus on graphic design.


Rebekah has over a decade of experience working on social media platforms, digital art, and musical composition. She has been commissioned to make personalized and unique drawings of other people's dogs (if you are interested, let us know).


Rebekah lives in Texas and has a corgi-mix dog named Kevin. She also baby-sits Max, her mom's Coton de Tulear puppy. She enjoys taking her dog for a walk and visiting different cities around the U.S. when she is able.

Rocky, The ChiweenieResident Pooch and Expert Security Guard


Hailing from the entertainment capital of the world, Rocky was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was quickly rescued from a bad living environment by the friends of the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society.


Rocky is a 20.3 pound "Chihuahua mix," (a big chihuahua!) with suspected Dauchsund (hence "Chiweenie" just because it's fun to say) and other (Papillon? Pomeranian? Australian Shepherd?).


Rocky enjoys eating, hiking, and playing fetch. When he's not doing any of the above, he's actively guarding his owners' residence or inspiring them to be better humans.

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