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Statistics Tutoring

Need we say anything about how statistics is scary to a lot of people? The good news is that statistics does not have to be scary. The even better news is that we are here to help you!

We are here to coach and educate you through statistical analysis questions you may have whatever your position or need.

Examples of statistics tutoring:

  • High School Statistics

  • Undergraduate Statistics

  • Graduate School Statistics

  • Career Statistics

Plus+: Assistance in thinking through research designs; assistance in interpreting statistical analysis; problem solving; teaching you how to perform and interpret a specific analysis.
Important Note: We do not do the analysis for you, but we teach you how so you are better equipped in the future!

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Scheduling a remote session is easy and convenient. The first FREE session is scheduled for 20 minutes to see if we are a good fit for you. Dr. Garza is qualified, experienced, and professional.



I have worked with Dr. Garza for almost five years. We began collaborating on research projects because I needed someone with a strong quantitative background and I have been amazed at how knowledgeable, efficient, and timely he has been. I always recommend him to colleagues as a great partner on research, and as an incredible external evaluator on grants.

-- Dr. Mcnaughtan, TexasTech University


I work at a major research university where I have directed several large, funded programs. I highly recommend Tiberio as an evaluator. His work is professional and detailed and often performed under very short deadlines. He is courteous in all interactions and prompt in his responses. I am very grateful for the outstanding contributions he has made to our projects. Give him a call and you will be equally satisfied!

-- Anonymous


I highly recommend Dr. Tiberio Garza for any work related to statistical analysis, initial set up, etc. I am so pleased with the work of Dr. Garza as our grant evaluator. His calm demeanor puts everyone at ease when discussing research data, procedures, and reports. He has a way of presenting data, analyzing it, and writing the statistical reports in a straightforward manner for all to understand. He is professional in every aspect of his role as an evaluator, as well dependable. He always responds promptly to all my inquiries, questions and required data. Dr. Garza is always available to meet with me and my team, as well as with district personnel. I highly recommend him for all services. We are so fortunate to have him as our grant evaluator.

-- Dr. Robles-Goodwin

Texas Wesleyan University