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Whether you enjoy writing or not, writing can be paralyzing...maybe even a bit scary?...at times. Or, writing can just be plain hard to get motivated to do.

The good news is that writing does not have to be this way! You don't have to stay stuck, you can be productive, you can learn to maintain that productivity, and you can even discover joy in the writing process!

Writing Tutoring Examples:

  • High School or College Essays/Term Papers

  • College Entrance Essays (Common Applications, Ivy League, Medical School, Law School, Graduate School)

  • Masters Thesis

  • Dissertations

  • Journal Articles

PLUS+: Tips on managing the writing process of any project (beginning, middle, or end); expert feedback on writing manuscripts with an experienced editor/reviewer's eye; advice on handling reviewer comments and resubmissions.

Important Note: We do not do the writing, editing, or revising for you; but we teach you how to do it so you are better equipped in the future!

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Dr. Huerta helped me refine and enhance my academic writing and presentation skills. She provided support that helped me thrive not just as a doctoral student, but also as new higher education faculty. Her suggestions, tips, and tricks have allowed me to improve my time management, organization, and purpose when writing academic papers and presentations. I highly recommend her services.

-- Dr. Feeney, Ohio University


I worked with Dr. Huerta throughout my dissertation writing process. In addition to receiving valuable feedback and expert guidance from her, she is very encouraging, supportive, knowledgeable professional, and a great person to work with. It was a blessing to work with her and she did an outstanding job helping me with the entire dissertation process all the way through to my defense. I greatly appreciate her sharing her expertise, wisdom and holding me accountable. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Huerta.

-- Dr. Turgut, University of South Carolina Upstate


Dr. Huerta has an incredible record of meaningful scholarships, grants, and community service. We connected a few years ago and her perspective on how to make real change through engaged scholarship was very helpful. I can’t wait to work with her again!

-- Dr. Mcnaughtan, TexasTech University